Restoring a Masterpiece

He examines the painting carefully
He tilts his head and begins to see
How beautiful this work of art could be
And in his mind he see’s the day
It almost takes his breath away…

He places his hand beneath his chin
As he contemplates where he’ll begin
His approach is unique…..only to him
The flaws are not where he plans to begin

He peers for a moment with an eagle eye
He sees what’s needed to beautify
Each masterpiece is unique to him
For each one determines where he’ll begin

What makes him a Master at what he does?
The paintings themselves, for which he loves
Before him he see’s their image restored
And he desires to make them so much more…

To him they are living works of art
Not one of them, could he bear to part

He wonders if they could,
would they share his view?
In a world full of many,
would they see they are few?

His thoughts return to the painting before him.
He thinks to himself “this one in particular, has
been through years of neglect”.
He looks at the painting as if to say:
” shhhh…I know, I know. I’ll be as gentle as I can.”
He picks up his brush and with a smile….he begins.