Everyone’s so busy and there’s trying times ahead
Some days it’s oh so difficult to even get out of bed;

There’s every kind of pressure and problems galore
We sure are getting tired of this and life is such a bore.

But we keep on trying to serve our God wholeheartedly each day
If we can just hold out to the end, we’ll be joyful and gay;

It does seem hard each day a positive outlook to have
But consider the alternative; does the world provide a salve?

Remember, the end is near, for this we’re truly grateful
To tell the truth, the ‘here and now’ is really quite a plateful;

With many worries day by day for kids, spouse, friend, and such
This life is fast and furious, but it’s sure not worth very much.

Poor health here, a bad debt there, or even loss of life;
Perhaps a really ‘plum’ type job, to enjoy the easy life.

At least that’s what he’d have us think, so from our goal we’d be
impeded But we won’t fall for that old stuff and soon he’ll be defeated.

With all the terrible and tragic things there are, my God, how can
we stand it? Yet Jehovah sees all there is and soon we know he’ll handle it.

And when he does how marvelous our lives are sure to be.
Each in his own place, no cares, nor worries, our life we’ll live
with glee.

So do not let this old world cause you to pull your hair;
The Kingdom goal for all of us is: Please Jehovah, just let me be