Mathew your poem is a lovely way,

To express your love,
To our heavenly Father up in heaven above,
And to explain the reason why ,
You shed all the millions of tears you cry,
Jehovah is near those in spirit who are
We must be patient the Paradise,
Just cant be rushed,
Perfection Jehovah has got in mind,
For us his children and all righteous mankind,
Jehovah is going to make everything new,
But not just for me and not just for you,
For all our Brothers and Sisters worlwide,
And from this Satan cannot hide,
I know you are feeling so sad,
Living in this wicked world so bad,
So lets keep on the watch and,
Hold our heads up high to Satan,
We will soon say goodbye, then it,
Will be his turn to cry, Jesus will make,
Sure he is gone so that we can live in peace,
From then on, lets say the model prayer everyday,
And Jehovah will hear us all say, Our father in the
Heavens let your name be santified,
Let your Kingdom come, Let your will,
Take place as in heaven, also upon earth,
Jehovah will hear our prayer,
And before we know it we will be there,
In the new system of things, and to Jehovah,
His praises we will sing
Our loved ones we will see again, and there will be,
No more sorrow and no more pain, we will be,
Permantly happy once again,
So lets hold ourselves erect our deliverence is near,
So off out to the ministry we go, then home again,
And feet up with a cup of tea, we will have made Jehovah's,
Name known to all those we see,