The poetry page is very good with words

especially for Jehovah filled with love,

We talk of Gods Greatness and Paradise to be,
where all are in oneness in complete Harmony,

The World will be new and made all fresh
and the birds will be singing and feeding their chicks in their nest,

At the moment Jehovah is clearing out his storehouse of snow
to clean up the earth so that new things can grow,

This will change in the new system of things
when like in the Garden Of Eden the earth was refreshed with gentle water springs,

So till then lets keep preaching while we can to every woman and man tell of the Good News Of Jehovah’s Kingdom we have been asked to bring,
While we enjoy learning the new Kingdom Songs To Jehovah well sing,

Jehovah’s fame and his holy name will be known throughout all lands
and as his Witnesses we will take our stand,

Against Satan and all his hordes of Wicked Demons strong
but with Jehovah on our side Satan and friends will not be around for long

Jehovah’s only begotten son Jesus Christ and his Angels will battle with that Dragon and win,
and that will be the end of all sin,

So with a spring in our step and joy in our heart lets keep Jehovah’s day in mind,
With Theocratic meetings and studying and preaching to the sick and to the meek, and to the blind,

We will find joy in this life and on into the new as we walk on in through the narrow gate
Jehovah’s day will arrive on time it will not be late,

I must go now the time is late and I with Jehovah have a date,

Agape :-))

The end