When songs of children fill the air and Jehovah’s name is everywhere,

When God’s name has been sanctified and he knows his people upon can be relied,

When no resident will say i am sick and they can throw away their walking stick,

When the wheelchairs will be torn apart by thier owners with a joyful heart,

We will know we live in Paradise when everyone is very nice and food is free without a price.

When death has been and gone and sin will never carry on we will thank Jehovah

from our heart when no one ever has to part,

When earth and heaven are all made new and saffron blossoms like the dew we’ll praise Jehovah right out loud along with the rest of the great crowd,

Jehovah is on his golden throne showing love to all his own we will sing songs of praises old and new to make him smile and his heart rejoice as he listens to our happy voice(s),

When Satan stops slapping us with his thorn(s) and all new babies without sin will be born,

There is so much happiness ahead no more lying depressed in bed, each day will be full of joy for every man, woman, girl and boy,

Jehovah is up above and he sees our laughter and our tears and we will live for over a hundred years, he will wipe every tear from our eyes no more ridicule or Satan's lies,

So never question the bible true Jehovah wrote it just for you, (and me )to instruct us in the righteous way(s) so that we can be happy all our day’s,

When Paradise we will all live with no more arguing or discord and no one will say i am bored,

We will have plenty of work to do and we look forward to the Scrolls so new

Jehovah has more delights in store who could ask for more, now we wait for them to to be reveled and our place in paradise to be sealed,

I had better go and get some rest so that i can work for Jehovah and give him my very best,

So goodbye for now my love to one and all and when your feeling low On Jehovah call,