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 From the mind of SIAN

Do You Want to Write Poetry?

….”From nursery rhymes to advertising jingles, poetry is a part of our lives. Hence, most people are familiar with at least the basic concepts of verse.
But if you want to write poetry yourself, you may first want to read a broad selection of verse. This will help you to grasp the various principles of composition, besides expanding your vocabulary. Of course, you need to be selective so as not to expose yourself to anything that is unwholesome or degrading. (Philippians 4:8, 9)

Naturally, the best way to learn to write verse is to sit down with pencil and paper and write.

In time, you may even be able to write poetry for the enjoyment of family and friends.
Why not try putting your thoughts into verse when you send someone a get-well or thank-you card? Your poem need not be long or brilliant.
Just write a few lines expressing what is in your heart.
The challenge will not only give you pleasure and a sense of satisfaction but no doubt delight the receiver when he or she sees the effort you went to in composing your thoughts in such an imaginative and heartfelt way.

You do not have to be a genius with words to enjoy writing poetry, any more than you have to be a great chef to enjoy preparing a meal. Mix equal amounts of desire, imagination, effort, and persistence with the latent bard in you, and the paintings with words that you produce may give you a pleasant surprise.”…
…..Awake 01 6/8…….

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