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January 4, 2010

Born Koestenberg-Velden, Austria
January 18, 1920

The eldest of six children born to Catholic parents, Franz was raised in a village in the part of Austria known as Carinthia. His father was a farmer and quarryman. Disillusioned with Catholicism, his parents became Jehovah’s Witnesses during Franz’s childhood and raised their children in their new faith. As a teenager, Franz was interested in painting and skiing.

1933-39: I was apprenticed to be a house painter and decorator. After Nazi Germany annexed Austria in 1938, like other Jehovah’s Witnesses I refused to swear an oath to Hitler or to give the Hitler salute. Neighbors reported me to the police, but my boss protected me from arrest by saying that my work was needed. When the war began in September 1939 my father was arrested for opposing military service. He was executed in December.

1940-44: Following my twentieth birthday, I refused to be inducted into the German army. In front of hundreds of recruits and officers I refused to salute the Nazi flag. I was arrested on March 14, 1940, and imprisoned. Later that year, I was sent to a penal camp in Germany. A new commander felt sorry for me; three times he saved me from execution between 1943 and 1945. He was impressed that I was willing to die rather than to break God’s command to love our neighbor and not kill.

Franz remained in Camp Rollwald Rodgau 2 until March 24, 1945. He was liberated by U.S. forces and returned to his home in Austria.

I Stand Firm

A poem by Franz Wohlfhart–imprisoned in Nazi camps from
1939-1945. Written when he thought that he would be executed
like his father and his brother.

In my faith, I will always stand firm,
Though this world may taunt and cry;
In my hope, I will always stand firm,
For a beautiful, better time.
In my love, I will always stand firm,
Though this world repays with hate;
Devoted, I will always stand firm,
Though this world disloyal stays.
From God’s Word, flows the might of the strong,
And the weak ones it powerful makes;
In God’s grace I will always stand firm–
On my own I could never remain.
With my life, I will even stand firm,
And as I my last breath confer,
You should with the dying gasp hear:
I stand firm, I stand firm, I stand firm.



January 1, 2010

There is a place that’s safe and warm
Where the rains don’t pound
And the bees don’t swarm.
A place where hearts are aglow
and true friendships grow.

A place where true knowledge abounds
And joyful singing resounds.
Like King David of old,
my Kingdom Hall is the place I want to be
Right here and now
and into eternity.

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To Mathew...

December 28, 2009
Mathew your poem is a lovely way,

To express your love,
To our heavenly Father up in heaven above,
And to explain the reason why ,
You shed all the millions of tears you cry,
Jehovah is near those in spirit who are
We must be patient the Paradise,
Just cant be rushed,
Perfection Jehovah has got in mind,
For us his children and all righteous mankind,
Jehovah is going to make everything new,
But not just for me and not just for you,
For all our Brothers and Sisters worlwide,
And from...
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Stay Faithful to the End... By Carolyn Miller

December 28, 2009

Everyone’s so busy and there’s trying times ahead
Some days it’s oh so difficult to even get out of bed;

There’s every kind of pressure and problems galore
We sure are getting tired of this and life is such a bore.

But we keep on trying to serve our God wholeheartedly each day
If we can just hold out to the end, we’ll be joyful and gay;

It does seem hard each day a positive outlook to have
But consider the alternative; does the world provide a salve?

Remember, the end is near, for t...

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thank you

 Jehovini svjedoci
Jehovah's Witnesses
Jehovas vittnen
Basupi ba ga Jehova
Yehova'nın Şahitleri
Свідки Єгови
Bambangi ya Yehowa
Şahidên Yahowa
Dustunyoryon Yehovah
Testes Iehovah
Svedkovia Jehovovi
Јеховини сведоци
Jehovah se Getuies
شهود يهوه
Testigos de Xehová
Jehová Diosan Qhanañchirinakapaxa
Свидетелите на Йехова
Jehovini svjedoci
Testimonis de Jehovà
Saksi ni Jehova
Svědkové Jehovovi
Jehovas Vidner
Zeugen Jehovas
Μάρτυρες του Ιεχωβά
Jehovah's Witnesses 

Atestantoj de Jehovo
Testigos de JehováJehoova tunnistajad
Jehobaren Lekukoak
Jehovan todistajat
Jehova Vitni
Témoins de Jéhovah
Testemonis di Jeova
he:עדי יהוה
Jehovini svjedoci
Jehova Tanúi
Testes de Jehovah
Vottar Jehóva
Testimoni di Geova
Jehovos liudytojai
Nga Kaiwhakaatu o Ihowa
Јеховини сведоци
യഹോവ സാക്ഷികള്‍
Jehova's getuigen
Jehovas vitne
Jehovas vitner
Jehovah's Witness
Świadkowie Jehowy
Свидетели Иеговы
Nhân Chứng Giê-hô-va
zh-min-nan:Iâ-hô-hoa Kiàn-chèng-jîn
Testemunhas de Jeová 

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